Message from the President

 Welcome to our site.I am Anne-Marie Guidy-Oulai, Ph.D.; the fourth elected president of FAWAN.I would like to welcome you to our site and insight you to take a moment to navigate this website and get more information about our mission.We are a Non-Profit Organization aiming at providing humanitarian help to our people the WE population in the west region of the Ivory-Coast, West Africa; A region devastated during civil wars of 2002 and 2011. My message to all members of this federation is to go beyond our personal differences and simply collaborate in unity, with respect, integrity, dignity, tolerance and leniency in order to achieve our ultimate goal. Together we can do it!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s stay united.Thank you very much for volunteering your time, knowledge, and contributions to help our people move forward.


The President.


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